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Welcome to AUXICON's unique concept of Talent hiring.

Adopting a strategic data led approach to Talent Landscaping and Pipeline development provides the competitive edge.


Finding top talent used to be luck of the draw, and now it is well within your control. Don’t let an exhausting process dictate getting the best of a bunch. Invest in a strategy to get the best of the best.

Talent Landscaping: this involves delivery of a robust map of your competitors within defined target organisations, further broken down into segmented groups or teams, in order to allow you to effectively prioritise your future resourcing/recruitment activities. This can be executed via our identifying target pools of candidates according to your set criteria, for example by title, seniority or location etc., resulting in an external talent pipeline to support your organisation’s succession plan.

Auxicon’s Talent Landscaping service is the targeted identification and engagement of people with skills to fill both existing, newly created and future roles in their partner’s organisation; a proactive approach to address corporate growth plans vs. a reactive approach to contingency hiring need.

The foremost reason why Talent Landscaping is necessary are

The business is thinking strategically and would like to identify great talent for medium to long term requirements (i.e. not hiring right away)

The business has identified gaps in its capability or is consistently losing out on projects to key competitors, so you need to identify the strong players / capability within those companies (ie. competitor intelligence)

You have a specific role you are trying to recruit / source for, and you would like to identify a wider selection of candidates for the role

You are experiencing significant growth in a specific area or considering acquiring another business, so you need to map particular teams / companies

The greatest benefit of Talent Landscaping is that you it gives our partner a great insight into their competitors and the wider market in terms of potential candidates, business capability, and geographic spread. You can use talent maps to educate your team and your Hiring Managers on where the best talent can be found, which companies have the greatest capability and source of potential candidates, and where you should be focusing your sourcing efforts.