Talent consulting helps our partners in identifying and attracting the right talent pool for the company. With our unique talent strategy we help our business partner create a concise talent management strategy that delivers the talent quality and depth that your business requires. Using our distinctive methodologies and our unique talent strategy framework, we help you identify the vital few levers that will ensure talent management success. Our approach delivers a crisp, focused and actionable plan that you can immediately implement.

With our research experts, our Talent Managers analyse client’s requirement and help in optimizing your recruitment portfolio. We also help in developing recruitment plans and offer advice along every step of the way. With our extensive research methodologies we bring you the market scenario and help you to propel your organization ahead of the competition. We plan for today with an eye on the future, keeping you proactive and prepared.

We specialize in strategic hiring planning, creation of job specific requisition. Our Talent Consulting is an extremely beneficial service that can be availed when an organization would like to stay in-charge of its hiring function, while still gaining from Auxicon’s Research expertise in domain.

We develop measurable, scalable talent strategies and solutions that power the growth of your business. We draw on expertise from our research and mapping experience to analyse the current state of your business. We identify the talent development strategy solutions that will have the greatest impact on your growth.

Business leaders are changing their focus from cost to growth. This strategic change comes with the reality that long-term growth is impossible without the sustainable advantage of superior talent. We have the industry-specific expertise, extensive experience as well as the global and local reach to resolve every resourcing challenge. Unlike traditional consultants, our experts design, attract and deliver.

Our data driven unique consulting model includes the below mentioned set of processes:

  • Understanding client’s DNA and the best outcome they are looking for.
  • Research and insight generation.
  • Employer branding and Employee Value Propositions.
  • Attraction and recruitment marketing.
  • Employee engagement.
  • Cultural transformation and change management consulting.


Skills-based hiring is the term given to the recruiter-driven process of matching skills to a perceived hiring need. The emphasis is on the recruiter driving the process, actively pursuing the information he or she needs to assess a match between the candidate’s skills and the requirements of the job position.

Skill-based hiring has already become a buzz phrase in the HR world. It can be defined as a new hiring approach by which candidates are assessed according to their skill sets. After all, a person’s skills enable him or her to perform certain tasks and to behave in certain ways.

The strength of skill-based hiring lies in its simplicity; the specific skills of a candidate are matched with the requirements of a specific requisition. Also, skill-based hiring allows recruiters to maintain accurately a short list of qualified candidates in an efficient and hassle-free manner. In order to save time, energy and money, the hiring industry is moving away from traditional resume-based hiring to a more efficient hiring approach: Skill-based hiring.

At Auxicon we provide specialized recruitment services based on Skills, so that you attract and hire the best. We’ll tailor a solid hiring plan that reflects your organization’s uniqueness and includes the latest sourcing techniques and hiring processes that you can use in the future.

Skills based recruitment has exception track record in placing qualified people for the customers. We have well trained technical skilled team members; hence we have first class record in sourcing the perfect candidate as per the requirement of our customers by ensuring in-depth analysis of requirement, market research and having extensive database of candidates, headhunting.

We bringing together People at right place, at the right time to the organization to win the war for talent and create strategic competitive advantage.


Permanent Staffing

Our Permanent Solution addresses a key recruitment challenge – Productivity and ROI. Leveraging an extensive database of pre-screened and culturally assessed candidates, out specialist recruiters use a consultative framework build around business objectives to close open positions in the shortest possible time frame. Our streamlined recruitment process has a proven track record of reducing cost incurred on identifying, recruiting and training top talent.


We follow-up with the candidate at least twice a week religiously till the date he/she starts on.

We to bring to the notice of Customer, any issues or concerns put forth either directly by the Candidate/s or perceived in this context by the recruiter.

We follow up with candidates for completion of paperwork and other on-boarding procedures, once all completed, we send a report the customer.


Organizations trust us to manage their entire talent acquisition function. The RPO service enables clients to leverage our proprietary processes and best practices as their own. Campaigns including volume, niche or executive are executed with greater efficiency and speed leading to reduced cost. The synergies resulting from a combined RPO and workspace solution have become a source of competitive advantage for our existing clients.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO’s) act as a company’s internal recruitment function for a portion, or the entire requirement. Auxicon manages the entire recruiting/hiring process from job profiling through the on-boarding of new employees.

This is most appropriate for a business going through start-up, relocation or period of expansion.