Auxicon exists for one reason – Research and delivering the best talent solutions to our partners.

We position our partners on top of our priority lists so that we can help them operate at the intersection of our Research Intelligence and opportunity.


Our aim of finding Auxicon is to provide research-based recruiting solutions to companies ranging from start-ups to multi – size. After having around 15+ years of experience in global talent hiring, we discovered Research and Talent Mapping are the two foremost method to deliver uncompromising solutions with absolute discretion to meet the need of our business partners and candidates.

We are a Research based Talent Consulting company helping organizations identify talent strategically. Our vision is to create research based talent pool. Our new age methodologies powered by  bona fide data can also be employed to deliver strategic Intelligence & Talent Mapping services to partners seeking Talent intelligence data from competitors, other companies or geographies ultimately resulting in improving their strategic planning and overall competitive advantage towards their Talent Hiring.

We are a uniquely qualified organization because we not only have extensive sourcing and recruiting experience, but also uses cutting edge methodologies ensuring our partners staffing and competitive modern day intelligence needs.

We believe in working tirelessly in order to uncover data for our partner’s success. We are a specialised research and strategic hiring solutions company which offers a specialized market research and analysis for hiring and talent consulting. We help our partners find and attract the best talent thereby supporting our opportunity seeker in shaping up their career.

We follow robust methodologies and comprehensive knowledge repositories developed across multiple domains, thereby enabling our Talent Managers to offer a high quality talent pool. Through expert Talent Management team and competence across a wide gamut of Talent, Skill Market, Research & Analysis – we aim to bring quality solution for our partners and candidates.

We serve organizations of all sizes with strategic and tactical Talent and Mapping Research helping our partners respond to changing business and market dynamics. Our unique methodologies is a proven commercial approach that enables business leaders to intelligently gain an understanding of the competition and the quality of the operators within it.

With our dedicated services and strategic solutions we help our partners with Talent strategies and growth by relying on a consultative approach to understand the underlying need and accordingly we have research reports or design reports as per request .Our Talent Managers team members bring in good degree of hiring expertise in diversified skills and Domain across industries and our deliverables are further strengthened by inputs from our network of technology.

We recognize our responsibilities towards our partners and take them seriously. We adhere to a code of professional ethics, handling our relationships with partners, candidates and colleagues with great care. We offer advice with courage and honesty and treat sensitive information with the utmost respect and discretion.


AUXICON – An amalgamation of two words Auxesis and Consulting. The word Auxesis has been derived from Greek origin which means growth. We aim to be the growth partner of our partner’s/Business partner by providing them the research and then consultation to engage the perfect global talent.

Auxicon was founded with a determined vision to become one of the leading talent research consulting firm.

Through our rich experience in the relevant field and with our sheer conviction and dedication we at Auxicon intend to achieve the following objectives:

  • Creating value for our partner’s by placing their interests first.
  • Assist our partner’s in acquiring leadership talent through:
    • Outstanding research capabilities and access to global talent pool.
    • Thorough assessment methodology.
    • In depth reference checking.
    • Critical contribution to successful completion of the search by facilitating the final negotiations.
  • Contribute to a potential candidate’s career development by always considering his/her personal interest when assessing his/her suitability for any given position.

At AUXICON we intend to be your growth consulting partner espousing best research practices with our strategic thought partners co-creating next practices for our partner’s.  We understand our mission is to help you unlock the global hidden talent and continue to help you in building and creating a global and sustainable organization through our excellent research capabilities.

AUXICON believes there are no shortcuts to excellence; courageous leadership is the only path. Our practice areas: Recruitment Research; Executive Talent Research; Talent; cultural transformation; Hiring Strategy; and organizational design are the areas where the best leaders place their emphasis. So, if you desire make a difference in your organization, we invite you to look at AUXICON where our exceptional leaders serve world-class leaders like you.


Co-create a custom portfolio of service offerings for our partners that not only align with their current needs, but also offer the flexibility to shift service as their requirements change. Working in partnership with them, so we track down and attract the best talents in the corporate and professional worlds. To use in-depth research methodologies to build a total picture of possibilities, based on well-formulated search strategies. We are committed to improving the quality of our partners life.


Our mission is to help our partners unlock the best hidden talent and continue to help them in building and creating an efficient and sustainable organization through our excellent research insights. Our end goal is a quality short-list and an appointment that drives long-term value for our partners. We seek those who are effective in what they do and believe themselves as an achiever. It is our job to encourage those people to consider new challenges and talk with our partners about the briefs we hold.


Auxicon is always passionate in finding innovative solutions for its partners Talent Needs.


We are committed to find the best talent and build a team for you that with have the highest impact in your company’s performance.


We are dedicated to provide you the research insights to transform the organizational structure and help you align culture and talent strategy with your business strategy.



Talent Solutions is not just about finding great candidates. It is about understanding the need behind the search and relating that to a candidates ambition and partners vision in the evolving business environment. We have an excellent adept at reading a complex situation – whether it requires a revitalised leadership team, implementation of a new strategy, benchmarking of internal candidates, redeploying talent, advising on remuneration or securing a specialist interim executive.

Once we have truly understood our partner’s DNA and the outcomes they are looking for, and captured perspectives from colleagues, we determine the optimal search strategy together with our partner’s.

This incorporates required skills and qualifications, appropriate experience and relevant commercial exposure, together with target sectors and companies in order to further define the field of relevant candidates.


The next stage involves the development of an initial candidate list, by conducting preliminary research within our extensive global database, targeting specific individuals and benchmarking internal candidates against those in the market.

Through telephone and live interviews we assess and develop a shortlist of candidates, ensuring that specific dimensions are covered in depth: the context of a successful track record, the authenticity of the candidates’ aspirations, and their potential assessed against the strategic objectives of the business.

We then prepare a confidential assessment report and present it for partner’s review. Once we have discussed our partner’s reactions, we begin the interviewing process, running this according to our partner’s requirements.

We match the strength of our candidates by ensuring that we deliver exceptional results based on both a level of insight and solutions that exceed expectations.


We review the leading candidates with our partner’s and explore how the profile of each individual is aligned with key elements of the business. We prioritize the final candidates and recommend negotiation terms.

The critical next step is managing closure of the assignment by finalizing the deal. Both our partner’s and final candidate require highly sensitive support in bringing negotiations to a successful conclusion within a short time frame.

We maintain strong communications with the successful candidate and our partner’s during the transition period to make sure on-boarding runs smoothly. Following a period of time agreed with our partner’s, we follow up with both parties to track the impact of our work, ensure expectations are being met on both sides and understand the evolving DNA of our partner’s for further assignments.